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You can now find information in English. You find it in our head page and in this post.

The church of Norway is the largest congregation here in the municipality of Herøy as in the whole of Norway. Over 75 percent of the inhabitants are members, and the congregation can trace its roots over 1000 years back in time since the first christians found their way to the west coast of Norway. Herøy church is located centrally in the hillside just on the outskirts of Fosnavåg. Erected in 2003 Herøy church is a modern church with large facilities for the different activities of the congregation. The church of Norway in Herøy also has houses of worship at Stokksund and Leikanger.

The church at Fosnavåg houses the offices of the local staff which consists of two priests, a deacon, two  teachers, a cantor, a sexton and two with administrative tasks. Our staff is multicultural with members from several countries and traditions. The offices as well as the church is open all weekdays, there is a mass there every Sunday apart from a months period from late june as some activities are shared between the 3 churches around vacation time.

There is activities in the church almost every day all year round. There is many people doing volunteer work in the church. So there are activities for all age groups from small babies to the elderly. We have Sunday school every second Sunday. Open kindergarten every Wednesday from. 10 to 14. Super Thursday every third Thursday afternoon with activities for children and parents in the basement where we serve both dinner and supper. We also have clubs for teenagers, social groups for grown ups, exercise for the elderly. This list is by no means complete.

Activities and sermons in our church is not exclusive to our members. We are aware that there are many people in our community that is somewhat new to Norway and Herøy. Some of you are here because you have come here for work, others are here because circumstances in your homeland have forced you to leave. Some of you may find settling in a new environment demanding. Much is new and different. You may not understand the language and may feel estranged. Some of you may miss your local church. Some of you may find comfort in a difficult time in visiting a church. Even though you are in a different country, you may want to have your children baptized, or maybe enter into a marriage. You may need a church.

Regardless of your background and belief you are welcome to us. Be it to just visit he church to pray on a weekday, lit a candle, meet others, or if you are curious on some of our activities. You are most welcome to mass on Sundays. You may not understand what is said, some of our practices may differ from what you are used to. But we believe we all worship the same God as we are all Gods children.